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Providing first class public relations/stakeholder management
support to the transport sector and beyond since 2004

Quill Power Communications has been providing straight talking communications support and guidance for the last 15 years. Specialising in copywriting/media liaison and with specific experience within the transport sector, we help build and support your organisation through:

Strategically focused campaigns based around...
Clear concise messaging...
Targeted stakeholder interaction...
Ongoing monitoring and feedback


Quill Power Communications is headed by Nigel Barber, a journalist and Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) with over 25 years' public relations experience.


Quill Power Communications has a wealth of experience supporting clients across a wide variety of projects, specialising in the transport sector and in particular infrustructure projects / alliancing.


To get in contact with Quill Power Communications, please follow the link below. You can email us, phone us during office hours or use the quick contact form.

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